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  1. Andy Duverge says:

    I find it weird how when certain people like adults do things, children seem to do the exact same thing. It was even more weird how just seeing violence made the boy pick up a gun which the adult never used.


    • Alexander Karabelas says:

      It is weird, indeed. By seeing someone else angry, does that make it okay for us to be angry? Since the woman was beating the Bobo doll, did the child think it was okay to do the same? He must have thought that if the lady can do it, he can do it too; maybe even by using a gun to do so as well.


  2. Alexander Karabelas says:

    Definitely an interesting video. It’s remarkable how the child’s aggressive tendencies grew from using his fists to holding a gun. A gun in which the adult never used. As we see others in a fit of rage, does that allow us to become more aggressive? Or is it something where, perhaps, we see an opportunity to get our frustration out without consequence?


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