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Bystander Effect



  1. shakya723 says:

    After watching this video, the murder n the video had made me think more about morals of people in today´s society. If someone was being even hurt or bulled publicly in society, I would step in no matter what the size of the other people or persons. This is murder happening, like another person life is in danger and the bystanders did not even react to the situation. If it was in their life in danger they want would want someone to step in and help them. Even calling the people could of changed the outcome of the situation.


  2. Andres Leon says:

    It is so bad how all the people that knew that she needed help didn’t do anything. This video shows that there are people that don’t care about helping others when they know that they need it, just because they think that there is someone else that can do it instead of them. As the video says, some people maybe thought that she was drunk but i don’t think so, she was screaming it was obviously that that girl needed help. The neighbors just ignored her.


  3. Cameron Selfridge says:

    As shocking as this video may be to some, I really wasn’t surprised to find out that 38 people watched quietly while a young woman was stabbed to death. If this same scenario was to happen in today’s society, I imagine that many people would be recording the murder and posting it onto social media instead of intervening and possibly saving a life. Most people would tell you that without hesitation that they would call the police or run down to help the woman out, but that simply isn’t true. Instead, people will assume that somebody else will have the courage to intervene, leading to an instance like the one in this video, where no one assists. After this incident, I wonder if the bystanders had any regret knowing that they easily could have prevented this situation from happening.


  4. This video has just brought tears to my eyes, viewing how somebody can loose the precious gift of life, even when somebody in the neighborhood would have rescued her life. It is human nature to ignore our responsibilities, hoping somebody else would do it , after all am not the only one their to help, we keep doing that and having false hopes that somebody else will, hence more damage, even when we could have prevented most of them from happening.


  5. ashley hodgdon says:

    I am in complete shock after watching this video. I cant believe that such a horrific crime took place and no-one helped this woman. At one point there were neighbors that opened their door and saw what happening and still did nothing to help. Even if they were in fear for their own safety why didn’t they at least call the police. Really this makes no sense to me.



    It’s honestly so shocking that people would wake up and hear someone screaming that they were being hurt and all they would do is shout to “leave her alone” and “what’s going on” and not call the police or like go down to where things were happening to defend her. After the man left Kitty alone it would make sense for people to start going down the stairs in order to help her but they all still stayed inside of their houses even when this man came back and finished the job. It’s really just horrific to think about.


  7. N K says:

    After watching the video, some of the actions the neighbors took makes sense. Even in today’s society, when people see a car accident, or some type of robbery or incident that affects themselves or their family members, most people will not help in a crowd setting. What really had me wanting to scream was the neighbor at the top of the steps that opened their door. They looked outside for a second, saw the man raping the woman, but closed the door and didn’t do a thing. I would think, If you saw something happening right outside your front door, you would do something, call the police, chase the guy away, anything BUT close the door and ignore what is happening outside the door.


  8. meryem dalil says:

    I’m having hard time believing what happening in these videos. I went to convince myself that we are more aware and welling to help. This video may gives us hope


  9. Jasmine Gray says:

    All of these examples of situations where people don’t feel uncomfortable or troubled by the fact that other people are in danger makes me question the morality of humans. I understand it’s strange to be put in a situation where you have to do something so drastic as to save someone’s life, because we’re not used to doing that. So people are scared to take action, but their hesitation was shown to have deadly consequences that will live on in their conscience forever. Learning about this bystander effect has helped my awareness of the issue and if in the future I see someone in danger then I won’t wait for some other person to help out.


  10. I think some people feel a responsible to themselves first before they can feel it for others. what if they intervened and received the same out come as Kitty. People often like to believe that at a given moment, when danger appears that they would do the right thing, rise to the occasion, try to help try and maybe even be the hero although in most cases our instincts kick in and its usually to run or look the other direction. As someone once said; sometime cowards do survive. The bystander effect isn’t just an experiment its a reality. The fact of the matter is more people I am surrounded by the less likely I will help the person in need because in the mind I know someone else besides myself will and can do the deed. The other person doesn’t need all of us. From a neuroscience perspective, there is belief that the brain experiences a kind of tug of war between emotion and rational thinking. If the rational side wins out, we’re more likely to take a logical view of moral situations . Most people in that building took the logical approach that is to not intervene. A self preservation mode. this meant they were not in danger, this meant they didn’t have to engage in something that would be potentially dangerous. NOT EVERONE HAS A SELF SACRICIFING ELEMENT TO THEM. You can choose to help someone without sacrificing yourself. When a crime is occurring some people often watch / witness everything that occurred its happens because they are either in shock or to scared to help but once the crime is committed, the harm is done and the danger is gone, they appear and attempt to help just like that one neighbor who helped kitty in the end. The neighbor exhibited prosocial behavior but clearly, like all the people in that building lacked altruism – a self sacrificing element that would have alternately saved kitty’s life. Had anyone individual acted sooner things could have been different, kitty’s odds of surviving would have been better. But that was then and this is now thank God for cell phones, 911 and quick fast responders who have ALTRUISM BEHAVIOR


  11. Astha Lama says:

    It surprised and upset me that many people didn’t take any action to help Kitty. I can understand
    that the people must have feared for their own safety so they didn’t have the courage to physically stop the murder from taking place but couldn’t the people have at least called the police when they saw Kitty getting stabbed? Especially the people who kept opening the door and watch the murder happen. If they had the courage and the energy to open the door, then why didn’t they use that energy and courage to call the police ASAP?

    Why did it take someone so long to actually call the police for help? This goes on to show
    that if a large number of people were to witness something that needed attention and we were all thinking that someone else will eventually do something about it, that though is not going to lead people anywhere and is just going to let the situation take place and it will have a bad ending. People should take action themselves and not rely on others for actions.


  12. Wael Machmouchi says:

    Wow this was honestly ridiculous. People heard her scream and saw it happening but chose not to do anything about it.At this point i realize that this society is selfish. Not even a phone call to the police. How could someone have the heart to watch someone suffer like that and not do a single thing. Especially that one part when someone opened his door and saw it happening right in front of him. All he did was close it. How selfish can someone be. I understand that people were scared and were trying to be safe but at least call the police right away. People need to take action when something like this is taking place. If you cant help and are scared for your own safety just call the police.


  13. CARMEN LAM says:

    Watching this video made me uncomfortable, knowing that no one was to save another simply because they all assumed someone else would deal with the problem, because people don’t want to take responsibility when there are more people around, because there it “always” that one person who goes out of their way to help another. Assumptions, in this case, resulted in a negative ending. I think majority of the people don’t help when they are not needed to because it is better to stay out of others problems rather than sacrificing oneself to help another. In this world, sometimes it is necessary to be selfish sometimes, but in this event, selflessness should be applied.


  14. YINGTING CHEN says:

    I first read about the Kitty Genovese murder in tenth grade English, about a year ago. I was an article we had to read while the teacher was absent and there were questions we had to answer. It was, you guessed it, part of the Holocaust unit. It demonstrated the bystander effect that would go on to allowing the Holocaust by spearheaded an effort of blatant ignorance towards the smoke and ashes from chimneys where bodies burned en masses, towards the abuse of humanity, and the end of millions of lives. This video was more vivid and PG13 than that article ever got and the details are astounding for the worse of reasons. I am 5’3″ and light enough than any of of my friends could easier pick me up and spin me around, I have zero self defense training and would not win in any fight. This summons the question: What would I do? What would I have done if I were looking out one of the windows? Would I have helped? Would I have at least called the police or invited her in? I don’t know. I hope so.


  15. Jack Mulrenan says:

    watching this documentary video, it is easy for everyone to say that we would all hope to be the one to stop such a tragedy from happening. it is sad that this was not the case for this young woman. so many people had the opportunity to save her or to call for help and nobody did. the bystander effect is an eye opener study that makes you realize how stubborn people can be, knowing that someone else will take the responsibility of acting in charge of a situation.


  16. Gabi De Morais says:

    The most shocking part is that many people where there watching Kitty being killed and no one even though about helping her. If just one person called the police right the way maybe she could survive. Kitty’s story shows us how selfish people can be by just watching the situation but not doing anything to help. Unfortunately many people are afraid to intervene in situations like this because they fear for their own safety.


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