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Bystander Effect



  1. Dennis Hernandez says:

    In my point on view I feel like situations like Kitty’ have gone worse. With development of technology people are conducting the bystander effect without knowing it. Instead of people intervening they take out their cellphones and start recording. People are more focused on the publicly that they might receive from the recording than stopping the situation. Now more than ever we must learn the appropriate actions take when we’re presented with a situation that requires immediate action.


  2. Jostel Tejeda says:

    An old interpretation of a modern problem. 37 people witnessed her being raped and murder and not 1 individual helped her. The person who held her hand while she died should have just let her be, they could have thiught they were being nice to her but she could have held an imense grudge against that person for only helping her when she is about to die, if they would have done something sooner she would still be alive. In today’s world we see incident like these (not as extreme) all over social media and the news because with smartphones on everyones hand they can start recording and upload to social media for “likes and views” but wont throw their phone at the perpetrator to stop the crime from happening


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