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Dr. Viktor Frankl

frankl_1994I encourage everyone to please read more about this amazing man and how he managed to find meaning during life’s most desperate times!  Truly an inspiration.

Follow the links below:

Dr. Frankl’s complete biography:

Experiences in a Concentration Camp:

Please watch this live interview with Dr. Frankl before posting your comments below:



  1. Kamilla DeFreitas says:

    Dr. Frankl aspires people to have more freedom in their lives and to be more happy in their day to day lives to understand the meaning if life. He wanted others around him to be happy and fell good and have a lot less worries, wanted to help fix situations and to live a happy, good, life.


  2. JingRen says:

    According to Dr. Viktor Frankl, people need to understand the meaning of life, be happy, and have freedom.


  3. Abdi Abera says:

    Dr victor frankl is an amazing phycologist. his speech is motivational . The way to be happy, to get better life and help each other.


  4. jessicabrunss says:

    Dr. Viktor Frankl Was an amazing person. He helped many people during the war and during his life. He say “If we cant change the situation, we have to change our attitude of the situation”. He is a genius, I completely agree with his theory.

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  5. Clarisse Noubissi Tchemwe says:

    The approach of Dr Viktor Frankl was to encourage people to have freedom , be happy whenever happen in the your life ,people need to believe of the meaning of the life because the situation of the life can change when something that is not good happens.


  6. Kiana Jeanniton says:

    He believed that your suffering is important, I agree with this because you shouldn’t dwell on it but use it. Frankl said that his experience, his suffering was important to his understanding on how to help others. Your decision is your freedom of choice and you should wish to act freely. It’s is your responsibility as a human being despite negative conditions. You should be enough to live for.


  7. Fernando L Sousa says:

    Dr. Viktor Frankl founded logotherapy he assumes that everyone’s driving force is to find meaning in life. I don’t know how i feel about the theory he experienced a lot of hardship via concentration camps and talked people away from suicide by showing them purpose. I can see if one has no purpose why they would feel so low I guess i’m being bias and assume we all have a purpose maybe logotherapy is the nudge to find ones purpose ?


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