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Milgram: Obedience to Authority



  1. dezgoncalves says:

    I feel as if this video shows a lot about how people are very quick to make assumptions. They assumed that the man in the white coat was a doctor, when he in fact wasn’t. They say this person in a white coat as an authority figure , and agreed to do the experiment, not know that harm would come to them, or that it wasn’t a real doctor that they were trusting. This connects a lot with the holocaust, and how people at the time were brainwashed by Hitler, to believe that all the bad in Germany, were caused by Jews. Out of wanting to fit in with others, and possibly out of fear, many people followed

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  2. Netra Kumari Bhattarai says:

    its always said that this proves social influence is powerful and normal people can do horrible things. i think this a backtracking. what the experiment proves is that humans are truly pathetic and deficient.

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  3. jz255425 says:

    When watching this video, it really showed how strong these people believed in the morals they had. The man in the video wanted to stop doing this experiment, but because the person in charge told him to keep going, he kept going. However, what was dehumanizing was when the man sat back down to finish the experiment after the person in charge said he would be taking full responsibility. Just thinking that a man would keep going with such a horrifying experiment with the thought that he would not be blamed for, is just shocking. Could it have been the money that kept these people in the experiment? Maybe if there wasn’t a payment, people wouldn’t have gone for such a demoralizing experiment. I’m just relieved that they were actors behind the other side, or else so many people who got assigned learner would have really died. This really was like the Nazis and the higher ranks because they were just doing what they were told. If it weren’t for the superiors, I don’t think anyone Nazis or the teachers would’ve continued.


  4. Jostel Tejeda says:

    This video made me feel like authority is simply something that you can make others believe in even when it is false authority. The “authority” on the video was just a man in a white lab coat, because he is paying the volunteer and in charge of the experiement does that give him the authority to justify shocking a man or women to death? He did not introduce himself or affiliated himself with any form of government or law agency that grants him the ability to authorize certain rights and privileges. Authority is perceived and given to individuals by others. Such as in the video, the volunteers perceived the man in the lab coat as an authority figure and granted him the authority to tell them what to do, causing 2/3 of the volunteer to fakingly deal lethal shock to the fake test subjects


  5. Dennis Hernandez says:

    Fear is something that can over take our decision making. We make decisions based on fear. The same fear that may cause someone to follow unethical guidelines, and make it easier for those who seek ways to abuse power to manipulate people. Those toxic leaders misuse their authority knowing people will follow their guidelines. The reason why a young Hitler was able to manipulate an unstable Germany after WWI.


  6. Akanni Omobolaji says:

    After watching this video i believe that you have to obey the authority even to the point of inflicting arm to others . An army officer carrying out his duties by inflicting arm on other people might not really like it but it is insubordinate and disobedient to the authority if he refuse. Though, it might not be ethical in nature but you still have to do it because it is part of your obligations. Not obeying the authority is disobedience.


  7. Alejandra Castillo says:

    In this video we can see how authority can make someone go against their own conscience. It is shown when the person who was assigned as the teacher didn’t want to shock the student who got the answer wrong. He didn’t want to hurt the other person saying that he didn’t want to be the one to blame if something happened to him. But every time the guy told him to keep going, he did and continued to increase the voltage and ask the question. It’s crazy to see that the guy kept going even though he wanted to stop but since the person who was in charge told him to keep going he did. This shows that anybody would do anything someone says because the have power over them and power can cause people to hurt each other.


  8. jvvalenc says:

    I watched this video of the Miligram experiment and just felt bad for the man that was forced to do what he didn’t want. These are situations where at some point in our lives we are forced to deal with. As much as it hurts to want not want to make a certain decision or hurt somebody, we sometimes do. As I am watching this video I can see how frustrated and angry the man is getting. As if he’s the one being tortured or shocked. He feels this way because he can imagine all the pain the other person is going through and he is the one causing it. This simply proves that when a person is under pressure no matter how hard and difficult it may be for them, of they are forced to do something they will do it, and its something the person might enjoy but just simply forced to do.


  9. mdejesus617 says:

    The Milgram experiment shows how an individual will go against their conscience to obey a person who holds authority. This goes back what we are taught by our parents, teachers and guardians that we are to obey and respect a person of authority. In the Milgram experiment, the man who was ordered to increase the voltage, kept voicing that the learner was in pain. He said he did not want to be responsible for killing the learner but yet he continued to do as he was told and therefore continued to increase the voltage because a person of authority ordered him to do so. Still to this day, people who hold a position of authority take advantage of their title and abuse their power. They all too often feel they have the right to misuse their authority and a lot of the time they get away with it because people are too intimidated to speak against someone with such power. The only time they ever get caught is if it’s being recorded which kind of bring me back to the bystander effect. Authority vs obedience and the bystander effect are a little similar in the sense where an individual may not want to speak up for many different reasons such as fear and what we are taught growing up.


  10. av151215 says:

    The Milgram experiment suggested the two things must be in place for a person tented the agent state that the Milgrams obedience experiments are important because they provide a frame of reference of real life of extreme for example if we ask to do a favor that is against our principles or something we don’t agree with in my conception the man continued to do his activity first because the authority told him to start and he was scared of what would happen to him in the long run.


  11. Valeria Soto says:

    Watching this video allowed me to realize that authority is everywhere and it’s been around for a long time. From the looks of it now it’s much worse. It’s crucial to think that even while increasing the voltage on the learner knowing it was hurting them and can nearly kill them the teacher repeated it over and over again even while feeling bad all because of authority. It’s shocking to me even if the teacher was not being force to complete the experience and was being told to “keep going” after hearing the learner saying it’s hurting him just for money shows me authority means a lot in a social perspective it’s shows the behavior in humans in how they choose to live and it seems like authority proves a lot in people. I say it’s much worse now and days because of the crimes and gangs most of it happens because of authority. They were told to do it and actions were taken.


  12. cxrojo says:

    In this video is presented social psychology. In a group there is always someone who the rest of the group’s members has to obey and follow even that person is wronged. How this video shows, we always obey to the person that has the authority even if we are right, we always do what the person with the authority does just because we think that is just that person who has the power and no one else. As happened with the Jewish during the Holocaust. It is sad how we all follow the person with the authority without think about all the consequences and how that person can affect us in a negative way. Also, this video represents some people in the real world. We as human beings have a lot of distrust of ourselves and we always do what the person with the authority says or does just because are they who have the power even we know that they are wrong.


  13. Isabella Orozco says:

    It is ironic how human beings have character but do not know how to use it in the moments that really need to do it. Sadly, we observe how people are willing to follow orders without thinking about the impact they can create on those around them. We can see in the experiment also that the less people know each other or are close to each other, the ones who received the order does not care about the results that their actions cause just for obeying their superiors. In addition, on many opportunities the way of parenting also creates an impact on these occasions, since it is very usual to teach children to: “you have to obey and respect superiors and adults” but what if they add “as long as they do not belittle you, make you feel bad, want to hurt you or in order to hurt others” maybe the results would be different.


  14. TOM NGUYEN says:

    I have seen this video before and it’s disheartening on how people would still give the lethal shock even when they themselves don’t feel it is right to do this. Yet, in our society, we do what we are told most of the time such as during work when we are told to do something else within the store or the food place if we did something that was off, during school when we are told to go outside because they are superior (but it’s on different levels in terms of authority). I wonder what their thoughts were when they were going with this experiment as I feel some people had conflicting thoughts on if they should do it or not, as seen in the video, the person was told to do it and was encouraged, but he said “I don’t want to do this” and yet he proceeds. People may say they would stop, but if they haven’t been in the same situation and they might do as they are told, by the superior.


  15. gabynavarro13 says:

    The Milgram Experiment and The Stanford Experiment, are similar in that they both involve authority figures and how far they can push the boundaries from right and wrong. In the Milgram Experiment though, it’s displayed how someone will go as far as to do something completely against their morals because of a higher power telling them to do so. We can see this happening in the military, police, and essentially anywhere where there is an authority figure giving out orders to compliant workers. Of course, there is the comparison between the Nazi soldiers following the horrific orders they were sent out to accomplish. It is easy for people to judge others actions from the outside without knowing the full story and the pressure they were under (this in no way justifies the crimes committed in WW2). This experiment shows us how vulnerable we can truly be under the pressure of an authority figure.


  16. itdacost says:

    This video shows how easily we can get tricked by an authority, sometimes we forget that they are also human being, and they make mistakes, they can commit crimes etc… the person that was responsible to give the electrical shock was obviously very uncomfortable in making the other person suffer, but because there was someone with a higher power than him telling him to proceed, he continued despite the fact that he didn’t want to. This type of social influence where they harm each other affects lots of people nowadays, people use their power to direct order that are a lot of times not humane. I’m not saying that not obeying the authority is the best thing to do, but yet at the end of the day we should use our best judgment as human begins. If its something that doesn’t feel right, then I that the time to do my research and see if its worth doing it.


  17. Phery Tale says:

    The Milgram experiment is similar to the Standford prison experiment in that, it shows how people react to authority by obedience. the fact that the man kept increasing the voltage and pressing the shock button despite the fact that the actor was screaming and want to get out, proves that human beings are much more obedient to authority than responsive to their inner conscience. He knows that what he is doing is wrong but kept doing it due to authority meanwhile in the Standford experiment, the prison guards actually enjoyed punishing the prisoners.


  18. nsujit says:

    Video was about an experiment .In the experiment researcher told the volunteers that the purpose of the experiment was to improve memory but, how? was not revealed. The experiment seems inhumane for both the volunteers as they were not told what exactly was going to happen and also for the person following instructions. The experiment was to research what limit a man follows order from his senior to relate it with German Holocaust. During the video we could see the obedience at the beginning but after hearing screaming, people begging for not being hurt his personal conscience did not allow him to continue and stared to rebel against the activities .But personally I think people does and is being obeying order even it leads to supper worst scenario. The existence of terrorist, rebelling organization represents the example of obedience neglecting their personal conscience by the influence of the external environment. In gist I think the experiment was the successful.


  19. Hussein Hussein says:

    These experiments done by Milgram showed how people would do orders that could harm a person because authority figure told them to do so. Milgram’s experiment showed how people could do despicable things just like the Germans did during the Holocaust when the exterminated the Jewish population because they were persuade to do so. This is sickening because people can be controlled like this to do things without even taking responsibility and how people follow the orders of one without a conscience is bewildering. As humans we learn to obey the person in authority and we learn this through discipline from one’s parents/guardians. Social Psychology shows how when a person is in power people obey what they say and don’t even think about the consequences because they got the OK. This is how genocides happen in history because people who are seen as leaders tell the citizens to wipe out a certain group, race, etc. They do it because that person said to do it. This happen in Rwanda, Armenia?, Germany, etc.


  20. Hamza Benmensour says:

    I feel like we are always obeying authority from young kids to adults. Starting off with our parents. We are taught all the things we know up to that point by them and in most cases, we should not refute them because that’s not what we are supposed to do and we would be punished. Then we go on to school where we are expected to listen to the teacher, raise our hands to ask a question and ask to go to the bathroom. This seems perfectly normal however it teaches us that there is a difference in power between students and teachers. When was the last time your teacher asked you to go to the bathroom or asked you if they could teach you? Well, the answer should be never hopefully. However, this example of the difference in power is perfectly normal since it is a respectable relationship in which teachers do not take advantage of students or ask them to do something against their will. However, there are bad cases of authority in which we succumb to and just obey because if we don’t we would suffer the consequences and I think this is what the video is aiming to portray.


  21. HANSON MEI says:

    The experiment was over all very interesting because it proves many things that happens when there is something that is being involved such as authority. It proves that people cannot really have much of a choice when dealing with this type of fear such as hurting others. There are many factors that makes someone make decisions that they don’t actually want to hurt people however they feel the obligation too because of the fact that someone is basically more or less commanding you and that someone is someone that this teacher had to follow. It is also very sad to think that something like this was a big contribution to the holocaust. so many of those soldiers did not actually want to hurt people but because of the authority from Hitler it was something that people did anyway but inside they wish that they died not have to do something like that.


  22. Watching this video brought back a sad memory in my life. The Dr prescribed a patient glucose infusion without checking her glycemia level, I gave it to her she went on a diabetic coma and died. He told me I most tell the family that l gave but Normal Saline which i did. I sold my personality and conscience because of obedient which is still hunting me. The experiment is very cruel , and it is tested for obedient of authority and personal conscience. It is painful to see people go against their conscience in order to please an authority. The teacher was feeling his pain as he was screaming but he continue to increase the voltage as he kept having wrong answers. Again when the boy stayed quiet without making any sound acting like he has pass out, the teacher was afraid that he might kill him he felt quilty. But still he could not stop because that was the instruction from the authority.


  23. KENNY LUONG says:

    After watching this video, I felt that it was very important to grasp the concept of “authority” especially in the means of the Nazis and their treatment towards the Jews. Today, students are taught that all Nazis have a true resentment towards Jewish people without a logical reason and while that is mostly undefined by each individual, it certainly can be said by many. What is important to notice here is that not all Nazis used to hate Jews before Hitler’s reign. Possibly, it can be due to peer pressure and the consequences of not following Hitler’s rules resulting in their alleged hate towards Jews. In this case, Hitler was seen as the central authority, he gave out rules and Germans felt the immense urge to follow them without reasoning. Although some German Soldiers during the War started to realize what was actually happening, it was already too late to back out because they are just soldiers, nowhere near the authoritative power in which they follow. Similar to the video above, the soldiers or the test subject strictly followed the rules in fear of the consequences, putting that priority over their own morals and common sense.


  24. Rodney Figueroa says:

    When you are told to do or not to do something by someone with “authority” it’s tough to go against what they’re demanding. No matter if you agree or not. This man felt guilty and knew what he was doing was wrong but continues to do it. Was it because he was obeying authority or because he felt that if he’d stop he wouldn’t get any of the money. Shows you what money and power can do to a man


  25. Hannah Ramos says:

    Watching this video “Obedience to Authority” I can say that in our life we are always learning that we have to obey authority, even if we are asked to do something that is against our principles or something that we don’t like.
    In my conception the man continued to do the activity first of all because the authority said to him to continue and he was afraid of what could happen with him if he stopped, and second because he was being paid to do that, so even being something that he did wasn’t enjoying and “hurting” someone, he was going to earn something.


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