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Milgram: Obedience to Authority



  1. Rodney Figueroa says:

    When you are told to do or not to do something by someone with “authority” it’s tough to go against what they’re demanding. No matter if you agree or not. This man felt guilty and knew what he was doing was wrong but continues to do it. Was it because he was obeying authority or because he felt that if he’d stop he wouldn’t get any of the money. Shows you what money and power can do to a man


  2. Hannah Ramos says:

    Watching this video “Obedience to Authority” I can say that in our life we are always learning that we have to obey authority, even if we are asked to do something that is against our principles or something that we don’t like.
    In my conception the man continued to do the activity first of all because the authority said to him to continue and he was afraid of what could happen with him if he stopped, and second because he was being paid to do that, so even being something that he did wasn’t enjoying and “hurting” someone, he was going to earn something.


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