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Stanford Prison Experiment



  1. Rodney Figueroa says:

    It’s crazy to think how quickly someone can change up because of the amount of power they feel they have. Or vice versa how someone can feel as if they’re lesser than someone because they’re being told what to do by someone with authority


  2. Hannah Ramos says:

    The Stanford Prison experiment shows that having power in your hands can change a person’s behavior in a frightening way. With more power, more you are capable of doing “bad” things. In this experiment the guards believed that they were only staging, but in fact they were just hiding behind the “fantasy”and doing what they never imagined they would do.
    Why couldn’t they just be friends? Just talk friendly, not have a guard and prison relationship? It didn’t have anyone to say what they should and should not do! They could have changed the rules…


  3. victorialuchi says:

    I wish I could believe this is not possible but according with previous videos we’re suppose to watch humans have no emotions for other humans meanly when they are strangers.


  4. After watching the Stanford Prison Experiment video it really shows how cruel human beings can be. The guards took their power way too far. The way they treat the prisoners were unnecessary. These prisoners were put through so many punishments such as putting them in small closets, not letting them sleep. The guards were enjoying putting these prisoner through the worst. Some prisoners were pushed so hard that they would go through break downs. The worst part of it all was them going as far as sexually assaulting them. It was difficult for me to watch and hear what all these prisoners went through.


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