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Stanford Prison Experiment



  1. Dritan Memo says:

    Both videos by my opinion trying to give the message of how power changes and transforms people. It is amazing the way they connected the Milligram experiment with the “Prison” one, and both gave the example on how people that were involved on those experiments continued the experiment even though they knew they were harming the others. Something that I really want to share is that on the first video the person that was making the question wanted to stop the experiment when he realized that he was harming the other, on the other hand on the second video no one thought about stopping the experiment regardless the pain and harm they were inflicting. This made me think and truly believe that there are 2 type of people; 1 type that really care about other peoples feelings and 1 type that power gets into them and make them blind.


  2. Daniela Oronda says:

    As for the obedience to authority I feel as though people didn’t want to even give an answer towards the end because they were scared that they were going to get the answer wrong and have to get shocked. In a way I think that it was wrong in doing so because the man was hurting and they didn’t want to stop the experiment. The man sounded like he couldn’t take the pain anymore and apparently they didn’t care which lead to people not even wanted to answer. But as for the second video I found that it was very humiliating what they were doing to the prisoners. Although they had last there rights for committing a crime that didn’t give them any privilege to treat them that way and make them do things like that. They also didn’t have the right to harm them. In a way it was similar to how the first video was because they were getting punished. just to see that there is a lot of cruel people out there that are violating other peoples rights.


  3. BADR BEHLOUL says:

    It was very interesting watching this video i watched it twice i really like it , but i felt bad for the prisoners they way they used to torture and punish them . Also the way the guards were acting with the prisoners was so bad . If i was in this situation if i was a guard im sure i would have been way less rude and bad . Because i felt like they kind of enjoyed punishing them like they were nothing . Power in bad hands is a bunch of bad things that are going to follow for sure . Some people take the advantage of their power , work , situation , people that they know to do bad things in their favor this is the worst thing ever . In my religion we call this ‘ A DOLM ‘ and it is the worst thing you can do to someone is to take advantage of your power to do bad things to others


  4. hongyu ma says:

    It was an amazing video which can let us learn a lot. I can’t believe that people can get into their roles very quickly, people who play the guards treat prisoners with more and crueler methods, and prisoners also melted into their part, becoming more and more inferiority. From this video, the environment has a great influence on the psychology and behavior of people living in it, and people cannot control and adjust their mentality when they fall into their roles. In fact, many healthy people violated the moral bottom line when they receive the authority and become more and more distortion.


  5. Michelle Oliveira says:

    The only thing the “prisoners” did that was “wrong” was get assigned to be prisoners, had the coin be flipped the other way for them, they would be in control. Power can be an ugly thing, and this experiment completely exemplifies this. Power can be a man’s mask. I can understand how the first day of the experiment may not be taken too seriously because no one really knows what to do, but I think that when the guards figured out that they could do practically anything they wanted and could make the prisoners do whatever they wanted, that’s when everything took a dark turn. Humans are naturally selfish and the men who got assigned to be guards did not really bother to remember that the men who were prisoners were actually just as innocent as they were.
    When Dave Eshelmen, a guard in the study, says that he had decided to be the most feared guard I think he was just trying to fake it until he made it, but to his dismay, he faked it too well and the power went to his head. I also feel that there was a tinge of the effects of obedience to authority in this study because the men who were assigned to be guards were told by the psychologists (the authorities) that they were in charge, given no limits, the guards decided to go beyond every single one. This video is definitely eye-opening to how selfish and evil-spirited man can be when just given a different position to the other.


  6. This video is about understanding human behavior. No one knows how ordinary human beings will behave, until they are putting in certain situations. Even people who consider themselves to be gentle and kind can become abusive when giving authority. The study demonstrated, that people will adapt to changing conditions. The fact that these prison guards were giving power to be responsible for the prisoners; they abuse their authorities because it made them feel powerful to have prisoners to submit to them.


  7. Deslande says:

    First of all, I don’t think any human should be treated in such way. It’s so dehumanizing. Where’s the dignity ? I don’t think no one should have to go through what the prisoners went through, experiment or not. It didn’t even take them a long time for the prisoners to start having a mental breakdown. Imagine someone that is serving time, going through this day after day. Years after years. The emotional scars that will leave. Power is one of the most deadliest weapon in the wrongs hands. To think it was 30 years. I really hope we have a long way from this.


  8. Laura Betancourt says:

    This video was saddening in many angles. The way that the guards dehumanized the prisoners and punished them for no reason was an injustice. The level they took it to was scary. Not only did the fake guards get carried away with their power but they might have really damaged the guys pretending to be prisoners. The idea that the experiment was even allowed to continue after the breakdowns seems unethical. Everyone in power seemed to go get carried away by what they were doing and studying that it took one person out of the study to make them realize how horrible they were all being. If it had not been for her being there and making everyone realize they were going too far makes me even more scared of what might have happened. I wonder if this happens in real prison systems besides the one in Iraq. Currently disgusted by all their behavior and im thinking how i can make a difference


  9. Moises Angulo Caraballo says:

    Ok this was super disturbing! wow. I’m not even sure how this is legal but it did however show us a reality that can probably be observed in prisons all the over world. The sad thing is that these are regular people and not someone who is in that field or can be biased towards certain profiles etc. These are people whose mentalities completely changed once they were left without a higher supervision. It’s interesting because most prisons are privately owned, so who is supervising them to make sure things do not get to the point where human beings are no longer seen as humans?


  10. mendo S says:

    After watching this video .. ‘Schindler’s list’ and another Indian movie ‘kala pani’ come to mind. it is probably seeing human beings strip naked of all semblance of dignity and sanity.. huddled together into groups and rows like herds of cattle. if you see it once, this feeling will stay long in you no matter what., this unethical experiment is carried out by the scientist who clearly didnt draw any line to deviate real world and the make believe world of his experiment. Dr Zimbardo himself got caught up in the event and is clueless and powerless in front of the changing human behavior in changing circumstances. on the other hand, I took in the whole experiment as Dr Zimbardo playing the role of god, assigning human different roles and creating them an environment, where in they which, they may perish or survive according to their behavior. no wonder in only 6 days , the experiment had to be called off. without a set of clear boundary or rules,” ordinary people perpetrated extraordinary abuses” with power in hand and mask on face. I also thought for a flash second yeah thats why we need religion, culture and civilization to give the garb of culture and civil society. left alone or without them, our inner nature is prone to commit folly and act evil?


  11. yongting chen says:

    After watching this video, I’m really going to question how evil can human nature get to. What will happen next if we continue the experiment. Is this experiment really a fair and accurate representation of human growth and behavior in real life? Why people didn’t have any self-control without a set of clear boundary or rules, why there’s huge dramatic transition when they became a prisoner guard. I notice the guard behavior dramatic changed at the moment they realize the danger of the prisoners, so they reacted cruelly to stop the prisoners. However, this changes in behavior became permeant when they learned their power and authority over the prisoners. And one important factor leading to the growth of this harsh behavior is no one stop them from behave this way. So environment and experimenters allow the behavior make prisoner guard think it’s to be harsh and cruel to others.


  12. Steven Trothen says:

    The first video, ‘Obedience to Authority,’ as stated, was inspired by the willingness of German soldiers to acquiesce to orders they knew to be immoral. What was most telling in that video was that subject asked who would be taking responsibility should harm come to the other subject. That desire, just as in the ‘Bystander Effect’ videos, demonstrates a willingness for people, as a general principle, to ‘pass the buck’ to someone else. That when perceived with the threat, we look for others to take the reign. This quality is particularly disheartening about human nature.

    In the second video, ‘The Stanford Prison Experment,’ one of the subject, post testing, had it in his mind that he would see how far he could take it. The experimenters did not intercede, the authority figures, and this was most troubling. Authority figures and our willingness to subject to that leadership, influence our behaviors for better or worse in the most gravest of circumstances. They can either influence for better or worse and, in the absence of one, cause people with minor amounts of authority to act with impugnity. To the greater theme of moral authority, or claims of, there should be broad checks and balances on such.


  13. Jenny Builes says:

    I feel like people like to fill fantasy roles in this case the correctional officers. It definitely surprised me when one officer decided to stir things up and everyone else followed his lead. What disappoints me about this experiment is that although the some people were “prisoners” the officers knew those people were non-criminal and they did nothing wrong but still decided to treat them like they committed a crime. I loved how in the end Dr. Zimbardo reflected his experiment onto his personality, saying that his girlfriend told him that this is not him.


  14. arpana says:

    This video was amazing it’s definitely eye open video opening to how selfish and evil human being can be.I feel very bad the way prisoner got torture and punishment.I t is not necessary to kill the bad things need to be bad , sometime good things also kill a bad, even those I can’t believe that people can get in to their role very quickly.If I was in the guard i can’t be so rude.The intention of guard was good but can’t see such cruel situations.


  15. Rejane Carvalho says:

    This experiment was horrible, both group got lost on the experiment. One part learning to take the abuse had a nervous breakdown. The other group learning how to practice the worst side of human beings in power pushing the limits of the prisioners… I think that this experiment had some level of trauma in both parties.


  16. Fredline Gilles says:

    I was completed awed by this experiment, it was so interesting. When power is given, it gets to the persons head. In the beginning of the experiment, no one knew what to do. It was awkward, they didn’t know anyone, and they weren’t given specific instructions, they were alone. Being put in the situation they were in, the guards started to gradually realize that they have power, and can do what they want. Day by day, reinforcement got worse and worse. It got horrible to the point that the prisoners started having emotional breakdowns. It’s crazy how both the guards and the prisoners knew that they were both equally innocent, they haven’t done anything wrong, yet they are acting and displaying the exact same behavior that would be displayed in real life situations. Power is a dangerous thing. These guards realized what they could do, so they took advantage of the situation. The experiment shows us how selfish and heartless humanity with certain roles they are given.


  17. KaLok Kwok says:

    My first feeling is extremely horrible, but after watching the whole video. I feel like this is normal. Why I have that thought? Because I think when there are no rules, and someone playing an authority men such as police. He eventually will become more aggressive since his role is very powerful. He can do anything he wants even if people don’t listen to him. He could just arrest the people or kill him in extreme case such as some police killed black people due to the uncontrollable mad situation. Those policies have a treat that someone tries to fight his authority. So they think they have the power to control anything- guns to clean all the treat. This experiment actually did proving the environment can change people in many different ways depending on what role are they playing. Dr. Zimbardo is the authority in this experiment, but he didn’t stop the prison guards when they were going too crazy. This illustrates the environment can change someone who is just watching the whole thing. Dr. Zimbardo could become cold blood, probably think of killing disobedience prisoners is nothing since they are useless and harm the society. They have no right to live. Moreover, I think this situation is still happening in the worldwide because authority could make people crazy when they have no rules to follow. The world is becoming more peaceful is because people would love to follow the social rules. If people start breaking the rules to get their authority, it might cause the war such as ISIS. Many people see this is a terrible experiment, but I think people don’t realize it can be happening in anywhere of the world right now. The environment is able to change a person to a different person. It could make a king people become a cold blood killer.


  18. Shantal Petrie says:

    Its unbelievable to hear this took place in 6 days. My initial thought was how could anybody want to treat people like this. What would give someone a thought to “experiment” with individuals this way? Power is a crazy drug in itself in my opinion. Zimbardo had no idea that he was was impacted by what was taken place. He though he was running the experiment by simply observing, but did not understand that he was becoming conditioned to the acts of the guards. It took for his girlfriend to come in with fresh eyes to see the treatment of the people was horrible. It took for he to tell him that he had changed for it to click in his head. When you give some people power over other people and give them a mask to hide behind, they really can change and become terrible individuals. I’d like to know why? Is there nothing inside to let these people feel what they are doing is wrong even if no one else stops them?


  19. Jonette says:

    While the experiment was very cruel and inhumane I think it is a valuable tool to show the influence of “power” and how it’s involvement with authority creates a negative and cruel atmosphere. This experiment reminded me of Milgram’s experiment as it also relates to appearance. White coats, prison guard garb. Nevertheless I am still saddened by the nature in which to prisoners suffered. It was very dehumanizing and hopefully something we could all learn from.


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