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Stanford Prison Experiment


  1. Dritan Memo says:

    Both videos by my opinion trying to give the message of how power changes and transforms people. It is amazing the way they connected the Milligram experiment with the “Prison” one, and both gave the example on how people that were involved on those experiments continued the experiment even though they knew they were harming the others. Something that I really want to share is that on the first video the person that was making the question wanted to stop the experiment when he realized that he was harming the other, on the other hand on the second video no one thought about stopping the experiment regardless the pain and harm they were inflicting. This made me think and truly believe that there are 2 type of people; 1 type that really care about other peoples feelings and 1 type that power gets into them and make them blind.


  2. Daniela Oronda says:

    As for the obedience to authority I feel as though people didn’t want to even give an answer towards the end because they were scared that they were going to get the answer wrong and have to get shocked. In a way I think that it was wrong in doing so because the man was hurting and they didn’t want to stop the experiment. The man sounded like he couldn’t take the pain anymore and apparently they didn’t care which lead to people not even wanted to answer. But as for the second video I found that it was very humiliating what they were doing to the prisoners. Although they had last there rights for committing a crime that didn’t give them any privilege to treat them that way and make them do things like that. They also didn’t have the right to harm them. In a way it was similar to how the first video was because they were getting punished. just to see that there is a lot of cruel people out there that are violating other peoples rights.


  3. BADR BEHLOUL says:

    It was very interesting watching this video i watched it twice i really like it , but i felt bad for the prisoners they way they used to torture and punish them . Also the way the guards were acting with the prisoners was so bad . If i was in this situation if i was a guard im sure i would have been way less rude and bad . Because i felt like they kind of enjoyed punishing them like they were nothing . Power in bad hands is a bunch of bad things that are going to follow for sure . Some people take the advantage of their power , work , situation , people that they know to do bad things in their favor this is the worst thing ever . In my religion we call this ‘ A DOLM ‘ and it is the worst thing you can do to someone is to take advantage of your power to do bad things to others


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