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What Would You Do?





  1. Tassia Davis says:

    It was really awful that there were people who would do nothing to help a child in danger. Even if they did want to get directly involved they could have called the police and keep an eye out from a safer distance. I think the men who tried to help did so because the way they were raised and what they were taught as a child. They understand that the child could have been someone close to them and if it was that they would also want someone to help


  2. Hannah Ramos says:

    We only know what we would do when we witness the event. But people do not have to just pass by and do nothing, could at least call 911, just ask if everything is alright, do something!! If you are not sure of what is happening, observe for a moment and then act.


  3. victorialuchi says:

    I would think that is just a kid acting up to be honestly


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