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  1. Jonette says:

    The thought of people witnessing a potential child abduction and not intervening is very scary. I do not have children of my own but I have nieces, a nephew and many cousins that would be unable to defend themselves against an abductor. If I were to witness anything similar to this video I would first observe from a short distance to rule out if the child was being disobedient to their parent. I would then call 911 and intervene. I would much rather falsely accuse a parent of being a child abductor then to let an actual child abductor free.


  2. Shantal says:

    I agree that people are afraid to get involved when they see things like this going on. I would like o believe that i would react. True some people could think this is just another disobedient kid who doesn’t want to listen to their parents. I feel that i would have some ‘sixth sense’ telling me something wasn’t right. I probably would call 911 and explain the situation to them and keep and eye out to see where they go and report it to the dispatcher. This is the reason why when i am out with kids in my family, I do not allow them to be too far from me. I watch the show criminal mind and I really believe there are people out in the world that just want to cause harm. I’d like to believe I am cautious of my surroundings


  3. Blanca says:

    After watching this video, I can say that it’s very disheartening to see that people can witness a child abduction and convince themselves that what it’s happening in front of them is not real. Maybe they thought the child was being a “brat” and misbehaving to her father. However, if I heard the words “let me go, you’re not my father” followed by “somebody please help me” repeatedly, my gut would tell me to confront the child/man and ask what’s going on. It is hard to say exactly what I’d do if in a situation like this until it actually happens. I want to give huge kudos to the 2 men who not only recognized something was really off about the whole scene but also taking what I believe was the appropriate action for something like the video displayed. Child Abduction is a very real and serious matter. Even if you don’t have kids, it should be obvious as to why being reactive during one is necessary.


  4. hongyu ma says:

    When I saw some white people pass by the girl without any action, I’m so disappointed. But when those two black men run to the girl to help her, I’m proud of them. I once think white people are helpful and enthusiastic. But from this video, I changed my mind. Most of the time they just pretend to be very enthusiastic, but when it comes to the crunch, they always fall back. I acknowledge most of the people will afraid of this situation, and they don’t wanna take the risk. But at least they need to call the 911. It is a so cold-blooded behavior that people just look back to the little girl and left.


  5. arpana says:

    When I saw this video I was totally disappointed by looking the reaction of people.Firstly I feel there was no mercy and humanity among the people but secondly, when I saw two guys run toward the girl to help her I feel so happy and it’s make water in my eyes.Nowdays people are afraid to be in this kind of situation some how it’s good to be safe but there is so many way to help, e.g.:people can take help by call to 911.


  6. Michelle Oliveira says:

    A few things that I really liked from this video is the emphasis of different actions for different people, everyone has a role to play. Even if you can’t be the one who tackles the suspect or chase him or her, you can be the one to call the police. The important thing is to do something, to TAKE ACTION. When you choose to do nothing that is still a decision you are making.
    It is honestly disheartening that in spite of the little girl’s screams no one wanted to check if the girl was okay. I understand how situation can be interpreted as disobedience, but you can never be too sure, you’re better safe then sorry.
    I honestly don’t know what I would do in this situation, all I can say is that I hope to God that I would intervene in some way. We have to keep in mind that we won’t regret or get I trouble for ensuring the safety of someone. If presented with an issue if you don’t take action when you’re prompted to, who will?


  7. Deslande says:

    It really doesn’t take a lot to help someone in need, especially a child. How do you live with yourself knowing you walked by a little girl screaming for help and you did nothing. The question is what if it was YOUR neighbor’s kid? would it make a difference? would you help because you knew her? Just imagine for a split second that it was Your kid. Wouldn’t you want someone to come to her rescue. Wouldn’t you want someone to speak up for her, r fight for her? It breaks my heart to see her scream her lungs out, and people just went on with their day. It’s sad, really. What a cruel world we live in…You don’t have to put yourself in harm’s say, just call 911, and stay there till the police arrive. It really doesn’t take much.


  8. letsconnect61193 says:

    It really doesn’t take a lot to help someone in need especially a child. How do you live with yourself knowing you walked by a little girl asking for help and you did nothing. The real question is what if it was your neighbor’s kid? would it make a difference? would you act up then? Just imagine for a split second that it was Your child going through that… wouldn’t you want someone to come to her rescue? wouldn’t you want someone to stand up and fight for her. It breaks my heart to see that little girl screaming her lungs out and no one did nothing. They just went on about their day… It’s sad really. What a cruel world we live in. You don’t have to get yourself in harm’s way just call 911 and report what you see, tell them to send someone, or just stay and observe some more until the police arrive. IT really doesn’t take up much, you just have to be WILLING to do your part.


  9. mendo S says:

    what would I do? to be honest, I would be scared too and won’t run to help her. At the same time, I will be disturbed if I just walk pass them..so I definitely would observe.. should the situation escalates.. its good idea to talk to the other bystanders and collect support.. individually you are weak but with help, the decisions become stronger and the action helpful and productive. its disappointing to see several bystanders turning blind and walking by. true they might have thought, its just a kid acting up with their family amongst other reason. in broad daylight if a child can be kidnapped like this, its terrifying..only when you are vulnerable then you think of our common weakness and behavior. its absolutely important to assess our own moral and integrity from time to time . apart from education and materialistic goal , every one should be encouraged to take social and moral responsibility so that we can count on each other at least. our humanity in us needs to be alive.


  10. Laura Betancourt says:

    I hate to say it ,but realisticly I would not have been proactive because I would have thought maybe its a misbehaving child and her step father or something. It’s kind of scary to think that a child could be taken by a stranger yet bystander affect is strong. I’m glad those guys did something. I would at most have tried to say something to the police officer now. IAs for the new technology, it seems a bit off i think the pictures would work better.


  11. Moises Angulo Caraballo says:

    I would like to I would do something but honestly not sure if I would have done anything at all. Maybe approach the person and ask if everything’s ok. But nowadays with both the law protecting parents and children I would think that if i were wrong and made a big deal about it then i’d probably be sued for defamation or whatnot. I would definitely at least say something though, apart from that I’m not sure.


  12. yongting chen says:

    To be honest, I don’t know what I would do. Because deep inside I definitely want to help, but would I be able to make my thought into action in the situation? I don’t know, but I pretty sure I might trying to help some ways, at least I won’t ignore it. I might ask people and gather people together to see what’s going on. And then looking for police if no one wanted to help. According to the video, it’s reasonable to evaluate the amount of danger I might put myself in if I get involve. But it’s really important that people acknowledge the problem and trying to help in some way, walking by and ignore it will not be the solution to end this problem. Because what if is one of their relative or daughter in danger, it will be tragedy when everyone step off and let it happen. So one way to overcome the bystander effect will be put yourself in their shoes, in order to understand there’s necessary action needed to be take, and every single one of us are carrying this duty. Pretend we are that girl, then we will understands how desperately we would wanted people to help instead walking away.


  13. Fredline Gilles says:

    When something like this happens in public, everyone’s first reaction is to observe, and it’s not only restricted to these type of situations too. When it comes to arguments, physical fights, rowdy behavior, most people will do nothing, but observe. It’s tragic that’s this is how society’s mentally is set up. If I were to have witnessed this, I would have probably assumed this was just a child acting up, and just watch, maybe even comment to myself or whoever is with me on how some children are raised. I probably would’ve said something about the parent’s and their parenting. It’s the sad truth. It would’ve killed me to be watching the news later that day, and seeing the little girl’s face on the news knowing that I witnessed the abduction, and could’ve done something about it. Also, many thoughts would float in my mind about the circumstances, and if I should take action, for example, what if that really was a parent trying to control their misbehaving child, and I called the cops for no reason? What if this happened in a quiet area? No one would hear me scream if the person tried to take me too. What if the person was a person who is shameless, and tried to hurt me regardless if there was a crowd around? The feeling of wanting to protect your own self has consequences for others. This shows that humanity has to change together so we can learn how to protect one other.


  14. Steven Trothen says:

    Just as with the Genovese report, I wonder if an urban location attributes to a call to action versus onlookers falling prey to the “Bystander Effect.’ As was mentioned in the video by the interviewer, the child’s specific verbage likely played a key role in spurring onlooker’s call to action; the lines weren’t always the same for each test scenario. That said, in some cases the verbage was the same, i.e. “You’re not my dad.” In this particular scenario, were I the one walking by I would be drawn to the child’s screams, but then ultimately dismiss them as ‘kids being kids’ if I didn’t hear that key phrase “You’re not my dad.” As the tester marked, it is not always a similar action that people use to respond. Although off camera, he did mention there was a senior who had taken to calling police on her cell phone. It’s important in scenarios of potential danger or threat that we take the moments to fully assess the situation to determine if action is needed. I believe culture plays a big role in our willingness to help.


  15. KaLok Kwok says:

    This test is about observed different actions from different age group or different gender. In this video, there were only two young people look back, and observed a while. They decided to chase the guy. Indeed, they were probably thinking should they do it or let others do it, but they finally decided to help the little girl. Moreover, there was a lady who was holding a phone and calling the police. Even the lady knows that she cannot help anything physically, but she has the ability to call the police. Different gender has their own different action to help. However, there was an adult and a kid just walking pass the girl. The adult obviously didn’t want to help no matter it is real or not. Only the kid looked back and watching the girl. The kid probably wanted to help, but because of his dad refused to help. He had to follow his father. Furthermore, the old couples watched the whole event, but they didn’t want to do anything. They probably thought it was a fake event. The girl was angry at her dad. So she acts like the guy is not her father. Old people think they have seen many events like this before. Many of them are fake. So they judge it immediately, and do not want to double check was it real or fake. Finally, the conclusion is young people have educated, they know how to determine different even. When someone needed their help, they can have the ability to do different actions to help. However, the old people stop learning from the society. They think their experience is unique, they thought they have the ability to see what is real or fake. They also think that they do not need to help anyone because they were growing in that specific environment which taught them do not help people with no benefits.


  16. Rejane Carvalho says:

    Well, I am not surprise that many people just walked by to scene not doing anything to figure out what was going on. That also happens with a lot of the bullying that we grow up seeying on the streets, and school… Most of the people dont do anything to try to help… I would stop and ask what was going on… But luckly, we still have some good people out there to show the world that the real superheroes are the ones that take the time to observe around, help, and make a difference in the world.


  17. people have different views and interpretations of certain situations. I would not be involved physically, but I would definetly call 911.


  18. FRITZA JEUDY says:

    This actually reminds me of the ABC show What Would You Do? It’s a hidden camera show where there are real life scenarios and real people are put to the test. In the video, many people just didn’t do anything to help the little girl and they didn’t want to get involved. I honestly would have expected a lot more people to react in a more proactive way, but I guess people were scared. However, they are different actions for different people and if someone isn’t able to physically step in them, they are able to call the police and help in that aspect.


  19. Sara Davie says:

    On one hand I think people are very much afraid to get involve but on the other hand I bet some of these people just thought that this child was throwing a fit. Either way its wrong that almost no one stopped to see what was going on consider she was yelling out “you’re not my dad”. This is a little girl we’re talking about, how could someone question what was happening and not do anything about it?


  20. MICHELLE YIN says:

    I think it makes me wonder a bit that if this was not a skit, would this still happen. I was completely surprised to see people look back but not do anything knowing the child is yelling and confirming that she is basically being kidnapped. Although there were people that ended up helping but that means that there isn’t always that type of people around.


  21. I think the problem (in my opinion) with this one was that this was acting, and it was at times a bit obvious, plus the way the guys was talking to her at the beginning (“don’t you ever run away like that” or something to that effect). I think all of this together, plus this happening in a daylight, in a public crowded place, created just enough doubt in people’s mind that they could not believe that they are actually witnessing a kidnapping, this is why it took so long for someone to react. But at the end several people reacted and not only the three guys trying to chase him, but an elderly lady started to dialing 911. So, when no one was reacting, it was easier for people to dismiss the situation, but as soon as there was a FIRST reaction from someone (was it the guy in the car or the two guys walking?) – more people joined in on the action.


  22. Why is it that in a crowd people are more reluctant to jump in and help someone? Why would someone be less inclined to call the police if there was a crime? It comes from the idea that someone else is bound to help, and that brings the issue up that if everyone is thinking that way then no help will come. I have been placed in a situation like that where someone is on the ground not moving around a crowd first thing I did was call 9-1-1. I just really cant believe if you here someone screaming for help you just ignore them.


  23. I have to agree with one of the comments above regarding the skit seeming obvious. I think some of the bystanders could pick up on the fact that it was not a real life situation and these people were acting. It also does make you think for the people who didn’t know it was fake, what would it take for someone to help or call 911. I think the two guys are courageous for acting so quickly and trying to come to her rescue no matter the consequences. A lot of people in this world are in too much of a rush or stuck in their own world that they don’t notice their surroundings or the things happening around them. If this were me in the situation, I would rather be safe than sorry.


  24. Haoxi Wang says:

    Watching the video, as I watched the bystanders were around and they witnessed the kidnapping in daylight, the first thing i saw was not many people were reacting that surprised. Though the acting of the kidnapping wasn’t exactly a Hollywood production and acting, I saw some of the people actually walking by like nothing is really happening. I can also understand from a bystanders perspective, they don’t want to hassle themselves with the fact that they might have to deal with the kidnappers and get themselves in danger as well. So its also very understandable that most people just want to get on the day and not stress themselves with even more trouble. Though, there was an older woman that did dial 911 to call for help, showing that some were willing to give up time to help the others in need/danger.


  25. Kayla A says:

    In this scenario, I think some of the responses were not centered around the mindset of “oh, I’ll wait for someone else to help”, but more around the uncertainty of the situation. Some of the test subjects might have believed that she was just a misbehaving child and decided to mind their own business. I do think, however, that once it became clear this wasn’t simply misbehavior, more people should have stepped in. Even if it wasn’t very clear, someone should have made sure. You never know when it could be a kidnapping, and you just quietly walk by. Kudos to the people who actually helped, though.


  26. shakya723 says:

    After watching this video, I understand that more people in the world are afraid to get involved when in a situation such as in the video. After watching videos of such things I am not surprised of people´s actions and thought. People in life are not willing to help others unless they have been in a situation before.The only thing that upsets me is the fact that the people did not call the police. Like that is taught at such a young age and doing that would take much time out of their lives forget the fact that it could save someones life.


  27. Andres Leon says:

    I think in a situation like this most of the people don’t want to get involved because they don’t know what is going to happen after. This is a life and death situation because that guy could have a gun, and people prefer to avoid it in order to be safe. A question that comes to my mind is, what about if that child was your sibling, cousin, or a child you know? You would do anything to help him/her. However, there are people that have the courage for situations like this one, as the two men that tried to help.


  28. Cameron Selfridge says:

    In this scenario I would have assumed that people would be much more likely to intervene due to the fact that the victim was a young girl and the assailant was a grown man. But, surprisingly, the majority of people just walked by, maybe glancing back once or twice to see what was going on. If this situation was real, and this young girl was abducted, I wonder what would go through their minds knowing that they easily could have called the police or intervened themselves. I understand that some people do not want to put themselves at risk, but if they were to just walk around the corner and notify the police than they would be at little to no risk at all.


  29. so unbelievable, how people can choose to down look such an important issue. a kid yelling helplessly for help, and people just walk and do not help. its a shame , but that is how individuals think and reason, running away from responsibilities hoping somebody else will do it.



    It’s kind of unbelievable to think that it took so long for people to actually react to a little girl screaming that the person grabbing her wasn’t her father. I think the people that just walked away weren’t trying to be cruel and yeah they were thinking that maybe someone else would get involved but another thing is that they maybe would think that the little girl was just saying that to be disobedient if it was her father.

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  31. ashley hodgdon says:

    The thought of someone hurting a child is absolutely heart breaking. I have children of my own and just thinking something bad could happen to them is so scary. So to see this video and watch people just walk by makes really mad. What is wrong with people? Why is it so hard to do the right thing? I saw some comments that stated that the scenario was obvious. Even if that is the case I wouldn’t be willing to assume I was right. I would rather be safe then sorry and I would approach them and check on the child. It takes 1 min to potentially save a child’s life. Nothing should be more important than that.


  32. N K says:

    In the video, it is an absolute heartbreaking thing to watch the people who are passing by the child and the “kidnapper”, just look, but not react. While some of the people were in their own world and minding their own business, the others like the old couple clearly heard what the girl was saying and kept staring at them, but did not do anything. At the end of the video, they showed how 3 young men saw that something wasn’t quite right and immediately acted. I think everyone has their own means of contributing to save the child. Whether it is by physical force, or by calling the cops or for more help from others to catch the kidnapper.


  33. Jasmine Gray says:

    The experiment shows that not only does the bystander effect affect adults in danger, but people in society are also as heartless as to not even help little children in society. Children are known to represent innocence and it’s shocking that more people wouldn’t want to do something to protect that little girl that was put in fake danger. When everyone has the mindset to stick to their own business and let everyone else do their thing and help people, then nothing gets accomplished and we are divided and vulnerable as a community.


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