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  1. Huong Lam says:

    this documentary film is touching. I can see the ways how people treat disabilites. They are cruel and abuse disabilites including children and elderlies for medical experiment. Hiding law to conduct brutal behaviors on human beings is non-acceptable. This emotional story affects strongly feelings of many audiences and it becomes a voice to help victims escape from that horrible hospital.


  2. The WillowBrook documentary is very disturbing to watch. This was an institution that was supposed to teach and care for developmentally disabled children. Instead, the children were put in psychological distress. They were physically and emotionally abused, they were beaten, forced to eat off the floor, starved, and rarely showered. Worst of all, there was no social interaction between the children. Patty’s mom mentioned that she felt obligated to send Patty to WillowBrook because she felt like she had limited options and wanted what best for Patty. I think each parent in the documentary, including Patty’s mom, is a victim of what is called in psychology: Obedience, and Social Pressure at the same time. She gave birth to a child who was different and might possibly be considered as not meeting the society standard.
    Even though the conditions Patty was living in were insane, she kept her there and chose not to think about it. She felt ashamed, embarrassed and more concerned about what society think.


  3. It was an tragedy in the Willow Brook State School the way that they treated all of the handicapped not like an human being. The society was part of this problem letting this situation to happen by putting too much pressure on the handicapped parents. It was probably not a normal to raise a child born with physical and mental disability at home back than so the parents would feel like I did not had another chose by sending them to Willow Brook state school. The fact that people like Patty and Luis were the one who needed most help and they had the same rights like other people. Patty, Luis and other students at Willow Brook would needed the best treatments. Based on the video, I saw that the way they treated students in the school were miserable. These students were getting abused whether physically as psychologically, which was a shame to society letting this scenario to happen many years. Video shows that everyone is important for society to function and it helps to redefine the concept of who is normal.


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